A brand new map + guide for Bristol

Showcasing a treasure trove of must-see sights in and around our beautiful city. Famous for Banksy, balloons and bridges, Bristol is made of so much more. Our map + guide is designed to take you to our favourite hidden treasures and guilty pleasures. With it in hand, go forth and explore bustling, beautiful, brilliant Bristol…

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Over 180 listings…

We’ve created a map + guide that picks out this city’s hot spots from the ‘maybe nots’. We’ve carefully curated the best bits of Bristol’s imaginative and independent scene so there’s something in it for everybody. We just hope you love this city as much as we do.

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The printed fold-out map + guide is available in shops and attractions in and around Bristol – with no advertising or paid for listings it’s a truly independent guide to the city. We are still looking for outlets so please get in touch if you’d like to become a stockist.

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“A lot of labour and love has gone into creating the guide, and there’s been much debate about its contents. In a city where new venues are springing up all the time, we’ve tried to present a compilation of old favourites and new hotspots to ensure there’s something for everyone.”

Adrian Barclay, Just Design


The Team

Adrian Barclay

Designer & illustrator

Gillian Marles


Emma Blackburn

WEDF Manager

Kate Gordon

PR & Copywriting

Claire Paterson


Kate Strudwick

Project Management

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A treasure trove of must-see sights

Over 180 listings curated by Bristol creatives